Wednesday, 17 December 2008

MOVIE: Flimsy Love

This is a Flimsy movie I made a couple of years back, some of you may remember it... Well it's finally on you tube! Yeah!

All drawings/characters were made by me, the music is NOT by me, it's by the rather wonderful Fiery Furnaces.

Enjoy. (please).


jo said...

aw that is just the cutest!
<3 flimsy <3

Kathleen said...

I heart Flimsy so much! :-)

theGamutGallery said...

Hi Rachael,

I am so pawleased that Flimsy has found love again, at last.

Big Butter Boy Albert. x

Rachael Smith said...

Thank you all!
you make me want to make more films! if only i had the time...maybe when flimsy is my full time job ^_^

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about this one. I thought Flimsy was an independent, feisty young kitten. Now I learn that she desperately seeks a boyfriend to make her happy. She should just be happy to be herself and see what happens. Also the subtle suggestion that all men are dogs; don't like that either.

Rachael Smith said...

Hey, thanks for your feedback.
Flimsy IS an independent, feisty kitten, she just wants to be loved as well, like I think most people do. I wasn't for a moment suggesting that all men were dogs, as the video shows they can be rabbits, squirrels etc. too ^_^
R x