Tuesday, 27 January 2009




CT said...

Wow! Flimsy has been busy while I was gone! Good luck on the move. - CT

p.s. LOL

Weikie said...

This is /still/ the best thing I've seen all year
*clown to the left of an adam that had been ballooning frantically to impress lets balloon deflate, weeps a single tear then leaves - he was never seen alive again*

Rachael Smith said...

@Weikie I shall endeavour to top this one with an even /better/ Flimsy. I do enjoy making you lol ^_^

@CT Thank you! Move went as smoothly as hoped, still got lots of stuff in boxes and mess around the place though -_- Hope you're good? xxx

CT said...

Good to hear the move went well. Don't worry about the boxes...we still have a couple of boxes in the basement unopened...we moved into this house 14 years ago! LOL - CT

Rachael Smith said...

do you still remember what's /in/ them? they could be full of secrets! xx