Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Valentine gift idea #1

To buy today's original artwork please email: rachael@rachaelsmith.org


CT said...

Love your new avatar! Awesome photo! - CT

Rachael Smith said...

Thanks loads!
I kept reading things about blogging that always said you should use a real picture of yourself rather than a drawing (even if you're a visual artist/illustrator etc)...maybe it comes across as friendlier?

CT said...

Yes...I've read that also...I had my CT Tag Logo from my website for a long time and then around Thanksgiving I broke down and added my "mug shot" (that's what my husband calls it). It appears that folks have a higher "trust level". From the comments I got, they said they could relate better with me, and thought if you're willing to add your mug out there on the web then you must be alright.
- CT

p.s. Blogging tips also say you should sign off with your URL... :)