Wednesday, 1 July 2009


To buy today's original artwork please email:


Dan Stubbs said...

'tried to pist this on your main page, but it wouldn't let me, but it went a bit like this....

So so so proud, hehe, and the office space looks very professional indeed! I hope it takes you newer and higher peaks :)

Also, thank you kindly for the button, It looks immense. I may like it too much. I may probably buy more and worry my friends with them.

all the best :)

ps flimsy is wearing a smoking-jacket? tres bon!

Rachael Smith said...

Aww thanks Dan!
Glad you liked the badge ^_^
I'm very proud of my little office space too! It's already making me super-productive, yeah!
How are you?
What's a Dan up to these days?

Jonna said...

She's a different colour.....