Wednesday, 26 August 2009


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Proff. Stubbinston said...

hahaha...yes. This is me all over. People would rather be wet around me than suffer my brolly-flavoured wrath :/

Rachael Smith said...

I would have thought you'd be quite good at umbrella-holding-over-other-people-ing? You're rather tall after all.

R xxx

Proff. Stubbinston said...

long legs make me walk faster, so they get..umm...left behind. And soggy. :(

'finally took your (and others) advice and started my own writing blog, btw! If you've got a spare few minutes, please do check it out and let me know (honestly) what you think; I'm kind of getting serious about ewanting to be published now that I'm actually *writing* again :)

anyway, flimsy has my love, keep up the good stuff :)

Proff. Stubbinston said...

silly me for not noticing that you've already added me...thank you :D x