Thursday, 15 October 2009

BONUS: Flimsy Fan Tribute

Flimsy the Kitten keeps on going because of all the people who love her, follow this blog, buy her merch and help me with projects and website stuff. So I thought I would put together some of the pictures that people have given me to show them to the world!
Thank you everyone (especially YOU) for all your support and Flimsy-flavoured love.
Rachael xxx

Jonny Bull hearts his Flimsy...

And he put five of her on his wall too!

Brooke Marshall's Flimsy lives with a beautiful bird ^_^ I wonder what they talk about...

Gavin Miller has Flimsy in his pocketses. She has badges for arms!!

Chris Burgin's Flimsy likes Jenga. Although I think that's a bad choice of brick to pull out, Flims...

Adam Weikert's Flimsy wants to make friends with a shepherd. Named Shepardo.

Lauren Sharp took this photo of Flimsys dancing as I was making them in the pub (uh, I my studio, where I make them all...professionally.)

Matt Brunt has kept his Flimsy in her packet...obvs to keep her in pristine condition.

Stephanie O'Donnel's Flimsy hangs out with the other super cool small things. The cat behind her wants attention but Flimsy clearly gets it all ^_^

Clay Flimsy, made by Louise Owen, makes me smile so much! She looks so scared to be made out of clay!!

Lynn MacDonohue /knitted/ a Flimsy! She is a much more skilled crafter than I ^_^;;;

Knitted Flimsy eats chocolate cats. Nom nom.

So yeah, thanks again all you beautiful people out there in Internets Land.
Do keep sending me your photos, I love them so much.
Lots of love,
Rachael and Flimsy xxxxxx

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