Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bonus post: Flimsy News

Hello Flimsy fans!

I come bearing some news!

NEWS 1: I have Original Sketches for Sale! With prices starting from just 50p and none higher than £9 there MUST be something for you – yes YOU!

I’ve blogged some of my favourites HERE and you can browse them all in the shop HERE.

The puppy wants to play with the tiny Flimsy Kittens! Get him for £9 HERE.

(You can of course still buy the Flimsy sketches from the Flimsy Blog - £7 as is or £15 painted. All you have to do is email me with the ones you want:

NEWS 2: Flimsy T Shirt fans! I only have 4 Girls Small left, so if you’re a petite lady Flimsy fan get your skates on! Still plenty of S, M and L...but they’re all limited! You can order HERE.

NEWS 3: Flimsy Posters! Anyone see Flimsy’s Whale Adventures? Well, now you can get a cute poster of them HERE! They are limited too so hurry! <3

NEWS 4: You should all look at this AWESOME FLIMSY FANART by Bubba Shelby. Has it inspired you to do your own? ;)

NEWS 5: In my shop you can still buy lots of weird and wonderful one-off, handmade (by me!) craft pieces such as cuddly strawberries and cupcake brooches HERE!

Hope you’re all fine and dandy, anyone getting their A Level results today – good luck from me and Flimsy!

Loves loves loves xxxx

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