Friday, 20 May 2011


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Roja said...

Ha ha. Are you ambidextrous too, Rachael? I'm right handed but several years back, when I used to paint spirals and other patterns on my fingernails (I don't have time to do that these days, and besides I'm always getting my fingers messy), I found I was able to paint quite well with my left hand when doing the patterns on the nails of my right hand. So I hope that if anything terrible happens to my main drawing hand, I'll have my left to fall back on >:)

Rachael Smith said...

Ah that's good! No I'm not ambidextrous unfortunately. my brother is though, he can start writing on a page with his left hand and then finish it off with his right hand - I think that's pretty cool :)

Roja said...

Writing with my left hand is much harder, because the writing moves from left to right so my hand moves across what I've just written. Painting is OK with the left hand as long as I do it very slowly and carefully >:)

I guess I'm not fully ambidextrous, as I think the true definition means being equally dextrous with both hands.