Sunday, 12 June 2011

1000 Flimsys - Guest fan post - Kitty Meeks

These super-cute drawings were done by uber-Flimsy fan Kitty Meeks!

Kitty suggested I cut out the images and post them separately, but I kinda dig how they're all on the same page - I think they fit together in a charming way :) Hope you don't mind Kitty!

Kitty had this to say about her submission:
"I went for a series of drawings showing Flimsy in my life, as I'm a fan of her and as you know I have my little Flimsy doll and a couple of your drawings. The last one of the bath picture right outside the bathroom door is a true story - that's actually where i have it!!"

I think that's totally sweet, thanks so much Kittyyyy!
R xxxx

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KittyMeeks said...

Totally Chuffed that you posted this, thanks so much Rachael!! So excited and honoured to be part of your blog! Congrats on 1000 flimsys, she makes me chuckle every day and I hope for many more :) xxxx