Friday, 8 May 2009




Hazel said...

Is that a cardboard sword? I didn't know flimsy was in the CUSU Assassins Guild? ;)

(Watch out for toothpaste, uh, I mean "contact poison" on the door-handles...)

Ruth said...

Aaw Flimsy-Link is /brilliant/! I love Link more than most things :)

JosephRossWilliams said...


I used to like calling him 'PISSY' in block capitals on the SNES when I was ten. That still amuses me, especially the little old man in the sanctuary going 'oh, PISSY!.. it's you!'

I guess you had to be there. Or be me.

Rachael Smith said...

@Hazel: WHAT??? sorry, you're obvs more internets-clever than i!

@Ruth: Thank you, honey! I heart Link a millions too. xxx

@Joe: lolololololololol