Tuesday, 19 May 2009


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Anonymous said...

I like these "flimsy vs. real cat" strips.

One thing that always stands out to me, though, is the way you're floodfilling stuff leaves a white fringe around your lines, which makes them all but invisible in lots of places. My way around that problem is to put the color on a separate layer (you are using layers, right?), use the magic wand tool, and then expand the selection a few pixels before floodfilling THAT (and have 'all layers' turned off - if you're not using Photoshop your image editor might have something similar). Then for any spots which get missed I just color them in manually.

It's only slightly slower than a simple floodfill (especially if you bind a shortcut key to "expand selection") and it looks WAY cleaner.

Anonymous said...


Rachael Smith said...

thanks for the advice, fluffy. yeah i use photoshop to colour flimsys in. doing a drawing each day usually means i don't have loads of time to play around with things too much, but i'll give it a try!